My first event with “Sakaralife” Team

I heard about Sakaralife totally by chance. Then I started to visit the web site on a regular basis and got fascinated by their philosophy, the blog, tips, advice… Soon I decided to try the food and ordered it online. Everything was so easy and went perfect. The delivery was right on the time I had chosen, the food was so nicely and neatly presented, with labels showing ingredients, time to eat -breakfast, lunch diner-. And it was delicious!! Healthy and so yummy!

I had the great honor and immense pleasure to attend recently an event organized by Sakara Team and co-hosted by Coco-mat in Soho. A group of about 12 people got together. We practiced Yoga and Meditation holding our hands in candle light and giving thanks for the gift of life. We enjoyed an amazing Sakara diner, chatted, laughed… The energy was beautiful and magic. To me, it was very special to meet in person Sakara founders, Whitney and Danielle, the rest of Sakara team, Sheri Uslander, the yoga instructor, Coco staff and the rest of the people there. We all knew that we envisioned life in a similar way. We were starting to build “Sakara Community” which, together with “eating whole and clean” enhances loving kindness and a positive attitude towards daily life

Sakaralife is not just organic meal delivery, it´s embodies a holistic lifestyle based on well being and spirituality that is totally transformative, leading human beings to the path of true happiness.




Here´s a recent review by Bobby Brown Blog!


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