“Blue Jasmine”


Today I watched with my friend Nancy this fabulous movie written and directed by Woody Allen.

“Blue Moon” was sounding when Jasmine met her husband.

The movie tells the story of this elegant, glamorous woman of the Upper East Side (Cate Blanchett) married to a businessman (Alec Baldwin) who is sent to jail for his “dirty” deals. Jasmine, totally broke, then moves to San Francisco to live with her very modest, sweet sister. She starts a new life: takes up interior design and works as receptionist with a dentist. However, Jasmine is still psychologically fragile and finds it hard to adapt to an existence  which she finds vulgar and of “losers”.

These two women embody two ways of life, two opposing personalities. The spectator will have to decide whether the glamorous is more appealing than the modest, mundane lifestyle. The glamorous ends up being false, a lie, though. Woody Allen criticizes, in a subtile way, as the tone of the movie is hilarious, the upper society: vices, miseries and absurdity.

All the actors are fantastic!!



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