Love yourself… to love the rest of the world


“Love Yourself”

I live close to Tompkins Square Park, very vibrant, and real NY with an admirable variety of people. I bike frequently but on those days I walk, I like to cross the park through the fountain sculpture. I adore that lady in marble and when I have the time I sit on a bench right in front and contemplate her beauty. This summer I was walking across the park. It was a hot day. I felt thirsty and came closer to the fountain to drink some water. As I was approaching my head to the limpid stream, I found a sticker of the “Love Yourself Project”. Since then, I have visited the gallery, got to know Michael and other members, enjoyed events, meetings…

What does it mean to “Love Yourself”? Why?

Certainly, any project involving love, generosity, solidarity needs to start focusing on ourselves, on us first. How shall we be able to give and help out if internally there is imbalance or disorder, either physical, psychical or both? Thus, it is essential to love ourselves first.

Loving ourselves can entail some general tips but these tips should adjust to each of us, who are unique and need particular care and attention.

Firstly, we should try to find some sort of mission and ideal in our daily jobs. For most of us, work often turns after a while into something tedious. Let´s attribute some “higher” purpose to routine tasks. This can make our life meaningful, in doing some good to humanity. And even a small contribution is significant. I work at the University and I am well aware of how important security guards, the staff at the copy store, at the cafeteria, are…

Another key element to acquire a sense of “transcendence” is meditation. Certainly, the food for the soul is spirituality. Each of us should find the best practice, the one that fits us better. And there are no rules: some find inner balance, peace, hope and serenity in yoga; others prefer to surf, jog, walk in the woods, read, music… Moreover, it is of great importance that we keep meditation on a regular basis, not only when we feel fragile. If so, we will become stronger, wiser and better trained to face the hard times!

Finally, spending time with our partner, friends and family is nurturing. We human beings are creatures of love and need to feel and be loved! I recommend as well to devote at least 15 minutes a day to our hobbies or secret dreams: write the first lines of a poem, continue your script or favorite novel, cook a cake, draw, design jewelry, play with your dog, volunteer for a good cause…

I am convinced that if we have the discipline and make the effort to love ourselves this way, soon the people around us will be amazed at the loving energy we irradiate and transmit to the outer world.

Love yourself…

To love the rest of the world! 

* Lea volonteers for the LYS Project

= = The Love Yourself Project was born in 2010 in a Lower Manhattan neighborhood by the name of Loisaida, a spanglish slang term meaning, Lower East Side. Activity, events have taken place beyond NYC, including Paris, Luxembourg, Pakistan, West Africa and Australia. Whether by teaching children about the value of self worth or distributing food to the homeless, the Love Yourself team continues to spread a message of love and acceptance throughout the world. Love Yourself founder Michael Mut opened Michael Mut Gallery on Avenue C in an effort to bring culturally and socially relevant art into the community as a source of empowerment and inspiration.


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