Spices in your life

Most people don’t realize the important role that spices play in their diets. Spices have been the central component of ancient medicinal traditions for centuries: 

What kind of healing powers?

Saffron: This expensive spice is well worth the price. It can help battle depression, Alzheimer’s and high cholesterol while keeping your skin looking even and healthy.

Turmeric: Touted as nature’s panacea, turmeric can be used for Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and heart health.

Ginger: Helpful for everything from arthritis to heart health, ginger also improves skin tone and increases hair growth.

Peppercorn: Used to increase brain function, peppercorn is the most universal spice. No wonder.

Star Anise: Popular in China, star anise can be used to stop inflammation from infections and boost the immune system to fight everything from the flu to dementia.

Himalayan Salt: Hit the bedroom: this pink salt ups the libido and your amount of restful sleep.

Mint: This not only tastes delicious, but it aids in digestion and reduces stress.

Coconut Water: The base for Manjoor Estate’s water line, coconut water is heralded for its beauty benefits, such as anti-aging properties, hair growth and weight loss.

Cinnamon: Need a lip plump? Cinnamon works for this, but more importantly, aids to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol and reduce muscle aches.

Vanilla: The second most expensive spice in the world can reduce acne, enhance your mood and may even be used for cancer prevention.

Cumin: Fight bone loss and help prevent diabetes with this favorite spice.

Clove: Ward off ulcers and acne, as well as Hepatitis C with clove.

Kokum: Native to the Indian Ghats, kokum helps with ulcers, too.

Cardamom: The “Queen of Spices” will lower blood pressure, ease asthma and may help prevent colon cancer.

Nutmeg: Up the sex appeal with nutmeg, which fights low sex drive as well as wrinkles and skin blemishes.


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