Do I need an “Internet Vacation”?

twitter fail image

twitter fail image

This last week I have been busy with conferences, other events, and have not been able to “do email” as often. Result: the Inboxes of my four email accounts are “burning” and I have realized that I can´t keep up with four email accounts, my Facebook and Twitter ones, a blog…

I have spent most of my weekend trying to check, organize and respond emails. Certainly, I´d love to have done something more fun or just to have advanced my numerous work deadlines!

That´s why I have thought about unsubscribing of some of the newsletters I receive, and about stopping to do Facebook and Twitter to catch up with friends. Instead, I will try to be in touch through email, text and, above all, face to face: having a coffee, going to an art event, show, etc.

Will I survive our tech-world without the social networks?


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