Happy People Create Happy Relationships BY DONNALYNN CIVELLO

… they just do.

Happy people have the innate ability to create happier lives. Happy people realize that life is not to be taken so seriously. They learn to laugh more. They learn to bring more humor into every day situations (especially stressful situations). They learn to play more. They learn to be less controlling and open up to more surprises. They learn to go with the flow and not fight everything. They learn that their happiness is not contingent on others but on their ability to NOT react to other’s drama. They learn to let go of expectations and allow things to just be. They learn to let go of the small things and by doing so, they know the bigger things will fall into place much more quickly.

They learn that when they can plant the seeds of happiness and laughter into their everyday interactions that their everyday interactions will always be lighter and easier and much more joyful. You only get what you put out in life and happy people make sure that what is going out is always clear, light and easy-going.

Now, this is easier said than done as not all of us are gifted with happy, optimistic and easeful dispositions. More often than not, we tend to think that happiness is this intangible reward outside of us that we will simply never achieve. We spend too much time expressing disatisfacton with ourselves and our lives and still expect happiness to come knocking. We all know how to make life difficult and painful – that is easy – but we don’t all know how to make it easeful and happy. Here are a few suggestions for doing that:

Don’t take everything so seriously. Nothing in life is that important (trust me on that one!)

Learn to laugh at yourself. This is key. If you cannot laugh at yourself, you will always be insulted by others and feel attacked and sink into a very negative state. The ego is very vested in seriousness and being respected so watch out for this one!

Look to make things easier in all your relationships. Look for creating peace, ease and serenity, not confrontation. Believe it or not people are not always out to get you. And btw, no one wants to spend time with complicated, unhappy people.

Look to make things easier at work. The simplest answer is always the best one. Don’t over complicate and over-think solutions.

Learn to be more spontaneous. Make space for doing new things and breathing new life into experiences. This will open you up to attracting newer and much more pleasant experiences.

Don’t need to be right. Need only to be kind.

Look to make things easier on yourself. Simplify your resonsibilities. Delegate more. Take on help. No one needs to be cleaning the bathroom unless they enjoy it!

Create more personal time for yourself. Take more “me-breaks” and go on more vacations. You only live once.

Don’t hyper control everything. Learn to let go and accept that you are where you are for a reason and that there is a hidden gem there that will soon be revealed.

Realize that if you are given something, it is a gift. No one owes you anything.

Spend time only with people you want to spend time with. If they drain you, send them packing.

Remember that not everything has to be a problem. In fact, nothing has to be a problem. So reframe your imagined “problem” and think how can this be solved easier? Learn only to see opportunities.

Remember that no one has the power to make you unhappy. Only your reactions to others can cause you unhappiness.

These are just a few ways that happy people create happy relationships and therefore much more happier and engaging lives. We create our own problems by the way we see things. If you are not happy with your life, stop and ask yourself if your prefer to be happy or you prefer to be yourself. You might be surprised by your own answer.



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