Reminiscence of Marie A., by Bertold Brecht

Und über uns im schönen Sommerhimmel
War eine Wolke, die ich lange sah
Sie war sehr weiß und ungeheuer oben
Und als ich aufsah, war sie nimmer da.
Bertold Brecht
And above us in the beautiful summer sky
There was a cloud which I watched for a long time.
She was very white and tremendously high
And as I looked upwards, she was there no more.
“Reminiscence of Marie A.” or “Memory of Marie A.” (German: “Erinnerung an die Marie A.”) is a 1920 poem by German poet and playwright Bertold Brecht (1889-1956) that was first published in his collection Die Hauspostille (1927). Brecht wrote the poem in his notebook on 21 February 1920 on a train to Berlin. The poem is a reminiscence of time spent with a former lover and a kiss beneath a plum tree remembered only because of the memory of a passing white cloud.

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