Create your Intentions for 2014, by Sakara

In last night’s S-Life Society event, we practiced the act of sakara- turning our thoughts, dreams and desires into physical form. We dug deep into ourselves to discover our true drivers and use them set intentions for the year ahead. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we want to share with you an activity that you can do at home to practice sakara on your own and create the 2014 of your dreams.

Step 1: Set the space.

To start, take several minutes to set the energy of the space around you and inside you. Whatever gets you into a space of authenticity is what you want to practice. Go for a walk, engage in some seated meditation, or put on some soulful music and dance around in your home. You do you, Sakaralite.

Step 2: Dream big.

Once you feel as though you’ve arrived, take out a piece of paper and write down everything you want in 2014. Everything. From the material to the spiritual to the practical to the dreamy. Do you want less stress? Put it down. A healthier diet? Put it down. A new car? Put it down with pride. Don’t let your ego tell you what you can or can’t want.

Step 3: Dig Deeper.

When you have totally explored every nook and cranny of your desires, take some time to comb through your list. Go through, desire by desire, and identify what feeling these wants will give you. Ultimately it is the feeling that we get from these things that is what we truly want. What feeling are you searching for in each of these desires? Is it more connectedness with other beings? Greater love and acceptance for yourself? More creativity on a daily basis? The beautiful part is, you most likely experience these feelings to some degree on a daily basis and are well on your journey to achieving these goals.

Step 4: Create your intentions.

From this list, create your intentions for the year. Your intention is the underlying motive that will drive your future actions. Write each intention down on a different piece of paper, so that it can hold its own weight and its own space. Create each intention based directly off of each feeling you are searching for. Promise to treat yourself kindly, to nurture your relationships, to fill your day with bits of adventure and inspiration. Put together each piece of your dream world and your dream YOU with these actions.

Step 5: Turn your intentions into form.

If possible, have someone else read your intentions out loud to you. If not, listen to the words coming from your own mouth. Taking the words off of the paper and sending them out into the universe is the first step to giving them form and making these dreams a reality. Keep this piece of paper in a place that you can see it, read it, repeat it– often.


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