Watercolor & Meditation with Melissa Harris


“Painting is my medicine…Through these decades of a sometimes erratic and ever-evolving life, painting had been the one constant. Relationships and homes have come and gone, but my paint box is always with me.”Melissa Harris


I hace recently taken a workshop with gifted, amazing artist Melissa Harris, on Watercolor & Meditation. I simply loved it.

Art is also “medicine” to me. I had not touched my brushes and pad for such a long time that this day was a total re-awakening to the creative facet of my personality.

We were a perfect number of “students” -about 12 or 15- and many were totally new to watercolor, or painting in general. Our workshop started lighting some candles and praying together in a circle. Then, Melissa devoted some time to explain to us the dynamics of the workshop. We introduced to each other, picked sample paintings we would later work on, and Melissa gave to us some advice and recommendations.

Until lunch we worked on the first watercolor. After lunch, we started the second one. The last 40 minutes we commented each other paintings and they were stunning.

Here I show the first watercolor of the session. I was not very concerned about the outcome, but specially about the “process”. Time went so fast and it was pleasant indeed to paint in silence with the soft sound of beautiful melodies that Melissa had chosen.




Benefits of Aswagandha


After working non stop almost until the very end of December and feeling worn out, I found out this Indian herb and have started to take it specially for energy and stress-release. It is non-expensive and easily to get at Vitamin shops and similar stores

Here you can explore some of the amazing benefits:




Setting your intentions

HNYIt is common the need and wish to start fresh and make all sort of improvements with the New Year -quit smoking, visit the gym more regularly, etc.-.

I applaude to all who have already set their intentions, since it is the first step for change and transformation. I did a little “ritual” after midnight on New Years´ Eve in candle light and will try to keep with the “fresh” pace throughout the 12 months to come.

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings!