A Woman´s Moon Centers

In a recent workshop, I have known about moon centers, which are exclusive to women. According to Jivan Joti Kaur, moon centers are: “Sensitive physical areas located on the woman’s body that are responsive to lunar energies and affect how we deal with our everyday life. “

We have 11 Moon Centers in our body, and we dwell in each one for 2 1/2 days. Every woman’s rotation pattern is unique, and stays the same her entire life. However, a sudden event -emotional shock- can change the natural rhythm or rotation pattern. The Moon Centers do not coincide with the menstrual cycle or zodiacal mood cycle.

Our 11 moon centers:

  1. Clitoris: very social, likes to network and connect
  2. Vagina: also social, but deep cavity — tendency to be inward and pensive.
  3. Thighs (inner organs also): most organized, to the point of obsession, you make your lists, clean, organize. Best time to do the things on your lists.
  4. Navel: most insecure, which creates a lot of pain. Do: breath of fire, navel power sets, meditate, silence, go inward, write, be creative, dance. Don’t: chocolate fest.
  5. Breasts/Nipples: most compassionate and heart-centered. Dangerous: might have a hard time setting your boundaries. Most likely to be sensual/sexual – affects whether you want to be touched.
  6. Back of the neck – very romantic and erotic. flirtatious, takes risks and not very logical. Not a good time to make a decision but a good time to brainstorm. Not good for planning, meetings, or detailed work.
  7. Lips: speech, communication. Words can be uplifting/effective. But if you’re not balanced, words can be harsh and alienating. Be careful or be still! May be most into kissing and erotic expression.
  8. Cheeks: most dangerous! We’re crazy. Most emotional, illogical, and delusional. Emotions run away with themselves, say things we don’t mean, pick fights.
  9. Earlobes: Self-righteous, connected to our values, more prone to activism and judgmental.
  10. Eyebrows: most subtle part of our parasympathetic nervous system. illusionary/imaginary. Be creative or brainstorm and play! Don’t make decisions or go shopping, but dream.
  11. Hairline (archline): Our halo. Wisdom, focused. Time you’re most connected to your essence. Great for decisions!

Charting the Moon Centers

Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa  advices that if we watch our diet, practice yoga and meditation, and maintain a positive attitude, we can observe our emotional tendencies at each Moon Center and not be a victim to them. We can study them to better understand our personality and then use them for our benefit. An added benefit is that stimulating our active Moon Center can be very sensually erotic in love-making.

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