“Lost Stars”


“Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?”

I have watched the movie several times, first in a theatre and later on any transatlantic flight I have had the chance to. I don´t get tired of it: the streets of New York City become a stage for the amazing soundtrack by Maroon 5. Keira Knightley also surprises us with her delicate, touching voice. The story is romantic, believable, with sparks of funny moments. Love, friendship, family are the food on the table, reminding us the true essence of happiness and how harsh the path is at times.

The film represents a superb tribute to the passion for life and dreams, and to the capacity to “begin again” when all fails down and collapse. “Lost stars”, played by Maroon 5 and Keira Knightley, is the official soundtrack. It has been nominated for the Oscars. The song is simply heartbreaking, of deep beauty and meaning.

Wishing we all become “shining” stars!

Please, enjoy the music!