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Kuntzel and Deygas have created this awesome lighting!


Designer Constructs Micro 96-Square-Foot Cabin to Forego Building Permitsby Jacob Paul Wiegmann

Hoping to have a personal space to escape to for much needed relaxation, Finnish designer Robin Falck set out to build his own little getaway. Rather than being held up by government red-tape, he decided to avoid the need for a building permit by constructing a live-in structure that’s under 96 square feet. After conceiving the design and getting approval from an architect, Falck began to make his own private micro hut.

Built on the Finnish archipelago of Sipoo, Falck has erected a tiny, two-story structure known as Nido that features a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, living room, and a lofted bedroom. The compact home includes a large angled window that takes up nearly an entire wall, giving the visual impression of extra space. It also allows for natural light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

To further divert one’s attention from the residence’s size, Falck added an open-air lounge area. Attached to the side of the cabin is a small deck for enjoying the natural surroundings that were left undisturbed during the entire building process. The whole project was completed in just two weeks and used locally recycled materials for the construction.


Elche Blogger Fashion Weekend

I have enjoyed the quality of all presentations, complementary to each other, together with the exquisite organization. It has been the first edition of a seminar on fashion blogging celebrated in Spain. One of the wise learnings is the importance to be ourselves and extend our personality to each facet of our life -also to our blog-. No need to copy. Let´s be ourselves!


Timeless garments of high quality to wear a free, contemporary woman

Vanesa Lorenzo has captivated us with her ambitious project and new adventure. She has designed a fresh collection for the woman of the 21st century: independent but connected to the past, traditions and values. This woman develops numerous activities -work, leisure, personal relationships- and inner facets which are projected through her outfit: either more simple and pure in lines, or sensual and feminine depending on the situation and, of course, on the multiple facets of her charming aura and rich personality.

We have to congratulate Vanesa not only for her endless creativity, but also for she has chosen the very best quality of a product made in Spain! Bravo, Vanesa!