People & Mission

I have often wondered whether our encounters with people through life are predestined, meant to happen.

Sometimes we might meet certain people to learn some lessons and evolve, grow spiritually. On some other occasions we might be of help to them -guidance, support-. Finally, in some of these encounters it’s simply God wishing to encourage us with that company, “rewarding” us with that Beauty to enlighten our existence and to “show” us a bit of Paradise on Earth.

It is convenient to identify what type of encounter it is so that we can realize our mission softly in each situation, without forcing, feeling frustrated or confused.

Another important aspect is acceptance. Some people are not to stay with us for long. They only come for a reason or purpose and then they leave. We should be grateful for the experience we have lived and do not show resistance -pain- when they are gone!

















Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of Federation ...

Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), Republika Srpska (RS), and Brčko District (BD).

My American family in Bosnia. A Journal


Last week I exchanged some emails with my dearest Kirsten. The whole family is in Bosnia. The kids are going to public school. Joe is teaching at the University of Tuzla. She is writing a book and has been keeping a beautiful journal, whose adventures I share with you.

I have been touched while reading these lovely stories and missed the time I spent with them when I was at Berkeley some years ago.


Walking in the park

Walking in the park

Walking in the park is one of the most beautiful pleasures! I walk often with my friend. He likes to sing and tells funny stories. Some other days he even makes sharp comments about a wide variety of current issues.

I gain a lot of peace, comfort and confidence being in touch with nature. It helps me open up and become more positive about life trying to find solutions and give importance to what really is.

I bring often a book or my drawing-pad and sit on a bench and contemplate the green, the people around, the lake or just enjoy some moments of reflection.