Benefits of Aswagandha


After working non stop almost until the very end of December and feeling worn out, I found out this Indian herb and have started to take it specially for energy and stress-release. It is non-expensive and easily to get at Vitamin shops and similar stores

Here you can explore some of the amazing benefits:




My workshop on Relationships with Donnalynn Civello @ 3WCircle


Nikki Mendell | 3WCircle Marketing Director

When looking for a loving relationship, beware of the danger of inertia. When we face a disappointment or hurdle, it may be tempting to shut down. After a bad date, a fight, or a breakup, you might crawl into bed, grab a pint of ice cream, and dive into a House of Cards marathon. You may spend all of your time blaming him for how he failed you. You may get discouraged after drinks with another weirdo. That is inertia.

This week in our most recent 3WCircleWorkshop, “The Magic Behind Real Loving Relationships (With Yourself and Others),” Donnalynn Civello, Executive Director of Ethereal Wellness and Certified Intuitive Life Coach, taught us that instead of letting hard situations set you back, you have to find a way to keep moving forward.

The group of women at the workshop, both in and seeking relationships, learned the how living a dynamic life leads to healthy relationships. Think of it like this: You get what you give.

Here are a few of Donnalynn’s key rules to having a healthy, loving relationship:

  • Key Rule #1: Learn to love yourself first. Learn what makes you awesome and what you love about yourself – Are you a great listener? Do you always remember your recyclable grocery bag? Have you perfected your Warrior III pose? There are so many reasons to love yourself and it is important to recognize them. If you don’t love you, how will someone else love you?

If you have fallen prey to inertia, you may be stuck sending that negative energy into the world.  Negative energy doesn’t attract anyone (or at least anyone you want to spend the rest of you life with). Remember that each bad relationship is a lesson, and after the lesson comes the work: analyzing what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how you will change.

  • Key Rule #2: If you don’t change after a lesson, you will attract the same problems.Nobody is perfect, and no matter how much work you’ve done on self-improvement or self-love, there is always more work to be done. “You will be tested.” If you keep moving forward on your life journey and striving for positivity you are more likely to pass the test. Remember, Donnalynn says: “Sometimes a failed relationship can be the best thing to ever happen to you.”

  • Key Rule #3: If it doesn’t work out with someone, it wasn’t supposed to. One day when the time is right – after the work and the lessons – you will find a relationship.

Ok so let’s say you’ve done the work, learned to love yourself, and finally found THE ONE. You’ve won half the battle, but now you have to keep the relationship thriving by continuing to invest in YOU throughout the the relationship.

  • Key Rule #4: Keep Yourself Fresh. Avoid losing yourself in a partner by focusing on your path of improvement because the same exciting qualities that made you an attractive partner in the first place will continue to keep the spark alive.

Everyone walked out of the room last night with a new goal in mind – one woman was heading off to a date with a new perspective on how to put her best self forward. Another left with a plan on how to communicate with her partner about their sex life. All agreed to follow Donnalynn’s advice to “communicate kindly, compassionately, and constructively.”

Which of Donnalynn’s key rules do you want to focus on? Are there any love rules that you abide by in your life? Tell us in the comments below.

To learn more of Donnalynn’s rules and tips on how to attract and keep the right relationship, we encourage you to visit her website: www.ethereal-wellness.com and follow her on Twitter at @dlcivello


All natural teeth whiteners, by Sakara


From disease fighting to anti-aging, clean, whole-foods are the key to living a healthy, radiant, and happy life. They are also the key to keeping your pearly whites pearly. Clear skin, strong nails, shiny hair – whiter teeth are also a result of what you’re putting into your body. When you eat good, you look good, and more importantly, you FEEL good, so put those white strips down, and take our hand as we bring you back to nature. Below we’ve listed 12 all natural teeth whiteners hiding in your local produce aisle. Now flash us that sexy smile of yours!

1. Strawberries

The malic acid found in strawberries acts as a natural astringent to remove surface tooth discoloration, no baking soda required.

2. Nuts + Seeds

These crunchy, slightly abrasive foods help to rub plaque and stains off of your teeth. They’re also packed with protein and healthy fats to make the rest of you look just as great.

3. Apples

The high water content in apples helps to increase saliva production, which serves as the mouth’s self-cleaning agent, getting rid of bacteria, bad breath, and plaque. The crispness of the fruit helps to strengthen your gums.

4. Celery + Carrots

Just like apples, these vegetables are packed with water, making them great for your skin, waistline, and teeth! Their crunch factor helps to scrub away surface stains.

5. Yogurt + Cheese

The lactic acid found in dairy products helps to strengthen your gums and teeth from the inside, preventing future decay. Research shows that the proteins found in yogurt may even bind to the teeth, stopping the attack of harmful cavity-causing acids. Opt for hard cheeses, like parmesan, to give your teeth a little scrubbing action along with your dose of calcium.

6. Oranges

While we don’t recommend consuming copious amount of this acidic fruit, as it could wear away the enamel on your teeth, a serving of it will help to keep those pearly whites in check.

7. Broccoli

The tiny florets on top act like a toothbrush to scrub away surface stains. Broccoli also contains iron, which helps to form an acid-resistant film to protect the enamel on your teeth.

8. Onions + Garlic

This one may seem questionable, as they don’t leave your breath smelling the freshest. The result? People tend to brush their teeth after eating foods made with onions and garlic. Tricked ya. And if consumed raw, they both contain sulfur compounds that help reduce tooth decay and bacteria.

9. Shiitake Mushrooms

Contain a compound called lentinan, which inhibits bacteria from growing in your mouth.

10. Pineapple

Pineapples contain a natural stain-removing enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain also helps to break up plaque build-up and prevent decay.

11. Ginger 

This powerful anti-inflammatory helps to support a healthy mouth. And since periodontal disease is an inflammatory one, that cause loss of bone and connective tissue in your mouth, ginger works to combat this, as well as being an overall great detoxer and disease-fighter.

12. Basil

Basil is a natural antibiotic. This fragrant green contains the essential oils rosmarinic acid, linalool, and oleanolic acid to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth.


How To Open Your Crown Chakra In 3 Easy Steps, by Hayley Melmerstein

The crown chakra is the center for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It’s also the center for deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with a force of life that is greater than ourselves. For this reason, it can be quite useful to have tools to open the crown chakra. Here are three of my favorites that will have this chakra open in no time!

1. Get inspired.

One way to open the crown chakra is through inspiration. For example, think of a music concert that you attended or a song you love. Remember how that made you feel. If you enjoyed the concert or song you probably felt uplifted, inspired, open and positive. That is the feeling of the open crown. To open the crown chakra you can listen to inspiring music, take a walk in nature, read an uplifting poem, or see a gorgeous sunset. Anything that brings you inspiration will open your crown chakra. Take a moment to reflect on what brings you inspiration. Be sure to include some inspiration in your daily life in order to keep the crown chakra open.

2. Practice affirmations

A second way to open the crown chakra is through the use of inspiring affirmations. For example, repeat this affirmation to yourself:

I am open and expanded.
I expand my idea of what is possible.
As I expand my idea of what is possible, I help to bring it in.
I am open and expanded.

Become aware now of the open, expanded feeling at the top of your head. Again, this is the feeling of the open crown chakra. Repeat inspiring affirmation through out the day as a way to keep the crown chakra open.

3. Visualize.

A third way to open the crown chakra is through visualization. Take a moment now and image a golden orb of light filling the top of your head. See this golden orb of light growing and expanding. Imagine it is elevating your thoughts and filling you with a feeling of positivity. Imagine streams of golden light coming from the top of your head, connecting you up into the heavens. Feel an open and expanded feeling at the top of your head. Feel your oneness and unity with all of life. Feel your connection to a force of life greater than yourself. Affirm: I am connected to a force of life greater than myself. Feel this connection and know that you are never alone.

As you hold this vision you are helping to open the crown chakra and strengthening your connection with a force of life that is greater than yourself.

As you can see, learning to open your crown chakra is a very valuable tool. Work with these tools daily in order to feel greater inspiration, trust, positivity, and connection to a force of life that is greater than your self.


Spices in your life

Most people don’t realize the important role that spices play in their diets. Spices have been the central component of ancient medicinal traditions for centuries: 

What kind of healing powers?

Saffron: This expensive spice is well worth the price. It can help battle depression, Alzheimer’s and high cholesterol while keeping your skin looking even and healthy.

Turmeric: Touted as nature’s panacea, turmeric can be used for Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and heart health.

Ginger: Helpful for everything from arthritis to heart health, ginger also improves skin tone and increases hair growth.

Peppercorn: Used to increase brain function, peppercorn is the most universal spice. No wonder.

Star Anise: Popular in China, star anise can be used to stop inflammation from infections and boost the immune system to fight everything from the flu to dementia.

Himalayan Salt: Hit the bedroom: this pink salt ups the libido and your amount of restful sleep.

Mint: This not only tastes delicious, but it aids in digestion and reduces stress.

Coconut Water: The base for Manjoor Estate’s water line, coconut water is heralded for its beauty benefits, such as anti-aging properties, hair growth and weight loss.

Cinnamon: Need a lip plump? Cinnamon works for this, but more importantly, aids to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol and reduce muscle aches.

Vanilla: The second most expensive spice in the world can reduce acne, enhance your mood and may even be used for cancer prevention.

Cumin: Fight bone loss and help prevent diabetes with this favorite spice.

Clove: Ward off ulcers and acne, as well as Hepatitis C with clove.

Kokum: Native to the Indian Ghats, kokum helps with ulcers, too.

Cardamom: The “Queen of Spices” will lower blood pressure, ease asthma and may help prevent colon cancer.

Nutmeg: Up the sex appeal with nutmeg, which fights low sex drive as well as wrinkles and skin blemishes.