Why do we need the Arts?

Trump Presidency is having a major effect on multiple areas, since we have witnessed in the last few months. Today, I wish to reflect aloud about its impact on the Arts, cultural programs and institutions.


Despite Trump´s business interests with the entertainment and television industries, the new administration intends to introduce funding cuts and tax policy changes, and is even contemplating to pass legislation to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities. At this respect, a quick reminder that both the House and the Senate are controlled by Republicans.


It is a paradox that, according to the National Endowment for the Arts and the Department of Commerce, the arts and cultural production contributed $729.6 billion to the American Economy in 2014, amounting to 4.2% of gross domestic product. Certainly, the arts play a more significant role to the national economy than do the construction, mining, utilities, insurance, and accommodation and food services industries.


Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

I did not know this facet of Matisse and I have admired, indeed! I took pleasure in contemplating these colorful “cut-outs”, whose forms suggest gardens, pools, dancers, stained glass… The first impression can be child-like, naive. However, take some time and look with the heart, you will then understand that every trait had been carefully thought, every color chosen with some purpose or intention… To me, those forms, those colors came from the soul and embody some rare beauty.


In “the pool” I understood that Matisse also felt the same passion for magic creatures of the oceans such as “ondines”, “mermaids”… He represented the fusion between the human and other human-like creatures.


In “the garden”, he is a visionary and a forefather of the environmental movement. Maybe after his trip to Tahiti he really dreamed of other ways of life, more simple, basic, even primitive, in communion with the nature.

* Some basic concepts from Moma exhibition


The cut-outs were created in distinct phases. The raw materials—paper and gouache—were purchased, and the two materials combined: studio assistants painted sheets of paper with gouache. Matisse then cut shapes from these painted papers and arranged them into compositions. For smaller compositions the artist worked directly on a board using pins. For larger compositions, Matisse directed his studio assistants to arrange them on the wall of his studio. Subsequently, cut-outs were mounted permanently, either in the studio or in Paris by professional mounters.

Matisse in front of gouache-painted papers, Hôtel Régina, Nice



Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

1. Detox + Digest

Now that we’ve all hopped on the morning lemon water trend, let’s get a little more extreme. Adding apple cider vinegar to your morning brew is an incredible way to jump start your metabolism, detox, and digest. The unique acids in ACV bind themselves to toxins, and help the body eliminate more efficiently.  It helps to break up the mucus built up inside your body, leading to better lymph circulation and an improved immune system. Add 1-3 teaspoons to a glass of water to reap the benefits.  


2. Clears Skin

Forget about those expensive toners, when applied topically apple cider vinegar can help alleviate acne prone skin and age spots, replacing your traditional facial astringent (oral consumption has also been shown to help with this). Soaking in a bath mixed with ACV and epsom salts may help soothe skin conditions like eczema by drawing out toxins and cleansing your body. 


3. Tackles Tummy Troubles

The antibiotic properties of ACV have been shown to alleviate stomach problems if the issue is bacterial. The pectin in apple cider vinegar helps to treat diarrhea by forming bulk, fibrous material. It also forms a protective liner on your colon to ease discomfort and intestinal spasms. 


4. Prevent Illness

Devoted apple cider vinegar users swear by this magical elixir. Starting each and every day with this potent tonic may help to fight off future sickness, ease sore throats, clear a stuffy nose, and keep you in tip top shape. Due to the unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, swallowing a few teaspoons either straight or mixed with water can help to rid your insides of impurities. 


5. Help for Hiccups

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar will restore the acid balance in your stomach, easing irritating diaphragm spasms, and halting hiccups in their tracks.  


6. Hair Rinse

Wash away build up from styling products and conditioners with an apple cider vinegar rinse. The acetic acid in ACV will clean and strengthen your hair, leaving you with soft and shiny strands. It balances hairs pH levels, kills bacteria, cures dandruff, and promotes hair growth. Dilute 1/3 cup of vinegar in 4 cups of water and pour over your hair after shampooing. After a few seconds, rinse your head with cold water to seal in shine. Not recommended daily. 


7. Wart Removal

Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply directly to the wart with a band-aid. Leave on overnight. Continue nightly applications until the wart disappears. Fight through any discomfort – it will eventually fall off. 


8. Foot Soak

Suffering from swollen feet or fungus? ACV can help with both. Mix 1 cup of vinegar into water and give your feet some relief (perfect during pregnancy). Can also be applied directly to a nail or skin fungus. Be sure to dilute for children or those with sensitive skin. 


9. Controls Blood Sugars + Lowers Blood Cholesterol 

The anti-glycemic effects of apple cider vinegar help to improve insulin sensitivity, which is essential in maintaining blood sugar levels. To steady your stomachs rate of digestion, mix 1 teaspoon of ACV into a glass of water, and take 3 times daily. Of course, always check with your doctor first. Those suffering from high cholesterol are also in for some good news. Research has indicated that ACV improves the lipid profile of blood by decreasing the levels of triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and increasing the levels of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). 


10. Whiten Teeth

Gargle with apple cider vinegar and water in the morning, and help to remove stains, whiten teeth, kill bacteria and plaque, and freshen your breath. 


11. Ease Arthritis Pain + Leg Cramps

The potassium in apple cider vinegar may be beneficial in preventing calcium build-up in joints and dissolving acid crystals in the blood. 


12. Extinguish Exhaustion

The build-up of lactic acid in the body, often from exercise and stress, can cause feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. By adding a tablespoon or two of ACV to a glass of water, you’re allowing the potassium and enzymes to help relieve that tired feeling. 


13. Natural Deodorant 

Blocking your ability to sweat, which most antiperspirants do, can also block your ability to detoxify. Instead of using traditional deodorant, rub a little apple cider vinegar under your arms to absorb and neutralize odors. The vinegar smell will go away as it dries. 


14. Sunburn Relief 

Relieve the pain of a sunburn and minimize peeling by applying a wash cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar to the area. 


15. Fight Yeast Infections

One of nature’s strongest antibiotics, apple cider vinegar can kill just about any bacteria, virus, or protozoa it comes in contact with. Even better, once the vinegar fights off the candida build-up it helps to recolonize your body with friendly bacteria. 


Imanaka Interiors

A UK based online art gallery and exhibit artworks that are ‘unique’ in style and expression. The artists at Imanaka have their own way of exploring the life ‘we know’ and ‘beyond’. You may find artworks of individual artists in dedicated pages, also biographies and artist statements. During your search, you may also find some paragraphs and links to take a journey into the artist’s mind.

 Composer and artist, Somei Satoh describes Imanaka as the term which is not just the present moment which lies between the stretch of past eternity and future immortality, but also the manifestation of the moment of all time which is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. We invite you to explore the artworks and enter their universe, walk into the mind of artists and hopefully discover something new for yourself in that timeless universe.