pH 5.5/ Beauty tips

I have realized that the periods of intense activity and stress often alter my skin, which becomes vulnerable and sensitive. 4103040111180_IMAGE2crema-acida-210ml


Last time I took a facial my beauty expert recommended to use the balancing cream by Alissi Brontë. She explained to me that the face pH is different to the body one. Thus, the convenience to use facial products preserving the natural pH (5.5).

After a few days, I was so happy with the results that thought to complement the moisturizer with a facial soap or cleanser, and found Sebamed cleansing bar.

+ Warning: Balancing beauty products are not intended to treat acne, but to help the skin restore and maintain the skin natural barrier called acid mantle.

  • Alissi Brontë: Alissi Bronte is a well recognized laboratory specialized on the research of Natural and High Scientific Cosmetics resulting from more than 35 years of experience and research in the fields of Bio chemistry and international Cosmetology. The Laboratories maintain the highest standards in terms of purify and maximum Quality of products developing exclusive and natural formulas based on botanical extract, natural aromatic essences and thermal waters at an exceptional concentration creating special and customized treatments for the daily skin care.


  • Sebamed/history:

In 1967, German doctor Heinz Maurer introduced the world to a new cleansing bar after discovering that most people weren’t paying enough attention to the most important part of their skin — the skin barrier. Skin care would never be the same again. Through extensive research, Dr. Maurer discovered that skin has a slightly acidic natural barrier layer called the acid mantle and that skin care products with a pH level of 5.5 help restore and maintain this natural barrier. Ever since Dr. Maurer’s discovery, Sebamed has grown to include dozens of products. Today, Sebamed is sold in over 85 countries and has changed the lives of people from all over the world.