The Infinite City

Paolo Ventura exhibition at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, NYC, evokes the skyline of an imagined city. Paolo found inspiration for this new work in his trips on the “Q” train from Brooklyn to Manhattan and in Calvino´s book, Invisible Cities.

We are on a train and contemplate a city in the distance, a city we are approaching… And the city becomes infinite in our minds and hearts; infinite in chances, richness, mystery, dreams to approach and realize.

La Cittá infinita


Chasing butterflies

The new season is here. The trees are blooming, the breeze is milder and most of us are delighted to sit in terraces, enjoy the parks and chase butterflies. I can´t remember what is the feeling I experience every year when Spring comes.

Maybe this time it´s been a sort of revival, as if the birth of nature help me regain inner strength and faith. The cycles of season can be compared to cycles in life. And fortunately after Winter there is Spring; after complicated periods there will come the golden years.

Now it´s the time to chase butterflies and smile!



Timeless garments of high quality to wear a free, contemporary woman

Vanesa Lorenzo has captivated us with her ambitious project and new adventure. She has designed a fresh collection for the woman of the 21st century: independent but connected to the past, traditions and values. This woman develops numerous activities -work, leisure, personal relationships- and inner facets which are projected through her outfit: either more simple and pure in lines, or sensual and feminine depending on the situation and, of course, on the multiple facets of her charming aura and rich personality.

We have to congratulate Vanesa not only for her endless creativity, but also for she has chosen the very best quality of a product made in Spain! Bravo, Vanesa!