People & Mission

I have often wondered whether our encounters with people through life are predestined, meant to happen.

Sometimes we might meet certain people to learn some lessons and evolve, grow spiritually. On some other occasions we might be of help to them -guidance, support-. Finally, in some of these encounters it’s simply God wishing to encourage us with that company, “rewarding” us with that Beauty to enlighten our existence and to “show” us a bit of Paradise on Earth.

It is convenient to identify what type of encounter it is so that we can realize our mission softly in each situation, without forcing, feeling frustrated or confused.

Another important aspect is acceptance. Some people are not to stay with us for long. They only come for a reason or purpose and then they leave. We should be grateful for the experience we have lived and do not show resistance -pain- when they are gone!


















Are you a Lightworker?

I have recently come across this article and wanted to share it with you. It can be helpful to find our purpose and mission in our existence and daily interactions.

“Lightworkers are individuals who have made a conscious (sometimes subconscious) decision to help “raise the vibration” of humanity.

The lightworkers are here to “hold the love and the light ” that is radiating from the infinite-all or creator GOD , and to trasmit that energy through their words,thoughts,feelings and actions in order to broadcast or “stream” the cosmic energy into the minds and hearts of humanity; many who may not be consciously holding onto this light on their own. It is almost as if they are transforming the lower dark vibrations and transforming it into higher light vibrations. “spreading the love”. The ultimate goal is to help themselves and humanity ascend as a planetary whole. Ascension is the movement from one lower form of consciousness/energy into a higher or cosmic awareness/vibration.

Anyone can be a lightworker or choose to walk the lightworker path, although there are many lightworker-souls who prior to birth have chosen to incarnate on the earth plane to help assist humanity in some way; often in the form of writing or speaking, charity work or working towards a good cause, or by just being a kind and loving individual in order to help “raise” the energy of those around them to one of light and love.

Spiritually advanced lightworkers can even work and assist on a spiritual or cosmic level through meditation and prayer. Those who resonate with light-work or consider themselves aware and willing to travel the lightworker path are often indigos, starseeds and walk-ins, although not all indigos, starseeds and walk-ins are necessarily lightworkers.

Lightworkers often feel inspired to help others through spiritual meditation, teaching, healing, prayer, writing and speaking through unconditonal love. Lightworkers come from a variety of spiritual traditions and backgrounds, yet generally agree that the healing light they work with is comprised of eternal energy connecting everyone and everything in the universe, and that it is possible for people to connect consciously with divine light energies through intention.

Some Words About Lightworkers

A Lightworker’s mission is to hold as much light as possible and to shine their love, happiness, and peace into the world. To calm the inner turmoil, to just be, and be happy with who you are, to love life, to love all that is, that power some call god, and of course to love one and other unconditionally.”

“Light” energy can also interpreted as the energy of the divine creator (or God) within us all – sometimes referred to as “inner light”.

Anyone on earth can become a LightWorker if they are truly committed in his or her heart to helping others awaken to Love. Love makes life “lighter.” We “shed light” on dark situations with Love. Our hearts open in Love. We then make possible the connection with our Soulmates, which in turn brings more Love.

Lightworkers may have volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, A 3 dimensional life on earth which tends to focus on materialism and conditioning creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers. They often forget their divine purpose, and also their abilitiess to help the earth and it;s inhabitants. When lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they tend to feel lost,confused and afraid. Many lightworkers are discovering innate spiritual gifts, such as intutiton and healing abilities. Most have a special appreciation for animals and a divine love of the beauty of nature. These are the gifts that we volunteered to use to heal the earth and her population during the crucial decades surrounding the millennium. Prophecies predicted their coming. Lightworkers have chosen to seek spiritual knowledge and have made the choice to do their part to assist Earth and Mankind in their ascension.The world depends on the Lightworkers to hold as much god energy/ light as possible in order for earth to ascend.

Lightworker is a term given to those who are actively on the spiritual path. Not all Lightworkers are starseed or walk-ins and not all starseeds and walk-ins are Lightworkers. It is when the individual makes the conscious choice to begin their spiritual path and assist others that they become a Lightworker”.




A transformational experience this weekend: Kundalini Dance

This Saturday I practiced for the very first time Kundalini Dance and I got fascinated. We were a group about 10 women together with the instructor.

We introduced ourselves and prayed before starting. The instructor guided us. The workshop consisted basically of letting our body move and dance while focusing our mind in the points of meditation given by the instructor.

The theme was “personal empowerment” and the sensuous music enlightened us in the transformational path, which covered these areas:

1.- Follow your own values;

2.- Take on responsibility in your life;

3.- Don´t compare to other people;

4.- Set Limits;

5.- Conviction (in goals, actions);

6.- Take Action: pursue your dreams;

7.- Show your self, who you are;

8.- Reward yourself, be kind to yourself (envision a crown of light over your head);

We were dancing through these 8 stages of personal empowerment and all women felt highly connected to each other and shared the love. We finished praying again. Each of us picked a card of guidance from Doreen Virtue angel tarot cards. Mine was White Tara!


Goddess: White Tara


Goddess: White Tara







Love After Love, Romancing the Self

I have have the great chance of meeting Laura Halt and of attending a couple of her amazing talks.

Together with Jennifer Grace, both of them have designed a “magical journey” to free ourselves from being stuck based on some tools and daily practice -awareness, journaling and meditation-.

I am following this path and will write more about it in coming posts!

  • The poem above served as meditation in one of her sessions.

Laura Von Holt